Yesterday our booking came through for our weekend getaway in Kuala Selangor to watch fireflies ( kunang-kunang ). I didn’t know why  the name Francesca Peters, after that kept popping into my mind. My subconscious mind is, at times very active and tried as I might, I could not get her out of my radar and I didn’t quite know why.

Music-wise, I prefer 80s. There is something about their permed hair, high ‘jambuls’, wide black belts,loud colours–and of course the rhythm that makes 80s music an evergreen one for me. Then it clicked that I loved ( and still do ) Francesca Peters, the predecessor of Jacelyn Victor for the non-Malay-babe-a-hit-with-Malay-songs genre. She had a song entitled Kunang-Kunang. I looked in youtube and yes there is a video of it there and I spent some moments syiok sendiri going from one video after another singing along, ala Frans.

Now that I am at it, looking for old Alley Cats videos would be next.. Oh I just love their nasal ‘ …sampai kan salam cintaku padanya…’

Some peers say I am ‘old pesen’. I agree gleefully…


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