Doing tiny things…

Today thanks to a blogging mum, I came across this Tiny Tapir website. I salute these mothers for taking initiatives to do their thing for the environment and making it easier for other women and especially mothers to do likewise. And today I learnt what a menstruation cup is from that site. I swear I didn’t know what it was before.

On another note, I am quite baffled with the recent happenings especially with Perak. Just now we were at a kenduri doa selamat with some of my fellow country mates and we all had one thing in mind. With Malaysia’s politics being like this ( especially the Malays ), the ruling ‘le/e/family’ whose ’empire’ rule the land we come from will be laughing their heads off. And their toes would be laughing too. What do we know, S/T there will make it a more ‘comical’ headline.

We love this land and as outsiders, it’s nervewrecking to see our fellow Malays here being mocked especially by our own people back home. But sometimes… entah lah.


Anyway…a more productive thing to do now for me is supporting Tiny Tapir. At least they are doing things for the environment which I find more productive than lying down in the middle of the road with a sarban attempting to block Raja Nazrin’s car from passing.


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