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I love reading her blog. It is like a lesson on social studies and I always learn something new each day. So when she tagged me, I decided to do it, althought I have been tagged with this same tag gazillion times on FB and declined. So Fauziah, here’s the 25 🙂

I am supposed to write 25 random things about myself and at the end of it tag 25 people. Well, I really have no idea who reads this blog other than those who often leave comments and are personal friends. So if you are reading this, consider yourself tagged and please inform me so that I can hop over to your blog to get to know you better 🙂 Fair enough?

So here it goes…

1.       I am terrible in Maths. If I have to do Maths to save my life, I think I would have died long ago. The only A  I ever got in Math was for my Primary School Leaving Examination. I got an A* in fact, after blood, sweat, tears and suicidal thoughts—just to prove my then form teacher wrong. I still remember her. Mrs Yuen—a racist who thinks ALL Malays are stupid who cannot do Maths.

2.       I never wanted to be a teacher but became one and loving it too.

3.       When I was young, my ambition was to be a journalist—because my English teacher, Ms B, told me, she loved reading my compositions. Then one day, just to say something nice to her I told her I wanted to be a very good English teacher just like her. The angels must have heard it and that was what I was and am for years already. So be careful of what you say or wish for! (Not that being an English teacher is that bad, really!)

4.       I used to complain and get angry often when I first became a resident of Malaysia. Now, I love it to bits!

5.       A good meal for me is nasi putih panas-panas, sambal kicap cili padi, telur ceplok ( mata lembu ) and kepak ayam goreng garing-garing with garam kunyit. BUT, the kicap must be Habhal’s Kipas Udang and the nasi must be hot and ayam must be very, very garing.

6.       I never missed an M.Nasir’s concert back in my hometown. I had/have all his albums and back then his cassettes, which dated to his Kembara days.

7.       I had a big Javanese wedding, with the gamelan etc. The petite tailor from Jakarta employed by our Mak Andam had to stand on a chair to measure the husband’s shoulders for the beskap and his head for the headgear. And I had full wiron outfit.

8.       My biggest dream currently is to backpack the Silk Road with the husband and produce a coffee table book thereafter.

9.       I am a tea drinker and I collect teas. There are currently 10 kinds in my larder, which can last me for a year, or two but I keep on buying anyway.

10.   I have a fetish for mugs. I collect mugs instead of magnets from the countries I visit. And I love hand painted mugs. When I move houses, I can leave many things behind but never my mugs.

11.   I am a cat person. I talk to Milo and Tito daily as if they are real children.

12.   I eat chocolates everyday—bitter/dark only.

13.   I love food—eating, cooking, baking them and researching, reading and creating recipes… if I could turn back the clock, I would probably go to a chef school back then.

14.   I define beauty not in Audrey Hepburn but in Latifah Omar, the tahi lalat babe.

15.   I cannot drive. I don’t have ‘lesen’ and am too afraid to go for one.

16.   I fantasize about opening a goreng pisang and pengat pisang stall during winter in Europe. Anywhere in Europe but it must be during winter.

17.   My dream house is anywhere across the street to an organic market which opens at 5 am so I can be the first to buy the freshest things to cook daily. And with a big backyard to rear my own free-range chickens.

18.   I would like to have dinner with Jamie Oliver and Nigella Lawson.

19.   I am a film addict. I don’t like Hollywood movies and watch them just for entertainment value on nothing better to do days. But I am huge on INDIE films. Iranians are my favourite.

20.   I think Mc Dreamy from Grey’s Anatomy is very Mc Juicy…

21.   Other than in BM and English, I can ‘maki’ in Mandarin, German and Javanese ( ho ho ho ) not that I would do that on purpose. But sometimes, they just have to come out when the volcano can remain dormant no more.

22.   I cry. I am very sentimental and sensitive despite the gung-ho front people see me as.

23.   I can never be a vegetarian. If stranded on an island with only vegetation, I would consider eating the next human I meet.

24.   I am traditionalist if I can call it that. Progress is nice, needed and important but I do like to know roots, especially mine.

25.   I am claustrophobic. Physical and environment wise. I like to be out and carefree like a horse or out travelling/exploring. I cannot do office desk-bound job. Routine and anything mundane kills me hence I agree with the term coined- ‘as permanent as a govt job’. Luckily I married someone likewise and we tell ourselves if one day we finally have children, we will raise them to be great travellers.


4 thoughts on “Tagged by Fauziah

  1. Yeah I was..
    Btw, do u know how to maki in Kelantanese ? So that when I run out of words to maki in the languages I know, I will know who to go to 😉

  2. Salam Percicilan
    Thanks so much.
    I do a No 5 too, adding margarine/salted butter to the nasi panas-panas, kicap Habhal Kipas Udang (manis) and ikan kembong goreng garing-garing.
    As for no 10, I used to collect mugs until I didn’t have storage room for it. Then, I switched to fridge magnets. No problems of storage there!
    And yes to number 18 especially with Nigella Lawson!

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