Feels like chewing rubber

I’ve never eaten it before because I was not quite sure I would like it. A few have grown in our garden and this was one of them. I am talking about Jantung Pisang. I have no idea what it is called in English.

Jantung Pisang taken from our garden.

However, we were told by some aunty that the kind we have in our garden is non edible as they were ‘tersangat bergetah’ —so we kindly donated them to the tree shrews/squirrels/birds which have since made our small garden their playground. But curiosity go the better of me and I really wanted to taste what eating jantung pisang would be like.

After months of wondering, today I went to the market and bought myself a jantung pisang and cooked gulai lemak jantung pisang. The recipe was for gulai lemak telur ikan-jantung pisang from some masakan kampung magazine I have in my collection. I went a tad too late. All the fish roe were sold out by the time I reached the market. So it was gulai lemak ikan selar jantung pisang.

The makcik at the market told me how to boil the jantung pisang prior to cooking it. With assam keping. The wisdom behind it, I don’t know but since I am a rookie in this, I followed her instructions to the T.

The gulai was just like any other gulai I’ve cooked before this. However, I must add that eating jantung pisang is an acquired taste. To me it was like eating lauk lemak with some rubber sheets.


12 thoughts on “Feels like chewing rubber

  1. I think I see jantung pisang hundreds times in my life. I hear many say of cooking this unique ‘fruit’. But I, like you, never taste it.

    I think I’ll ask around (especially, my Mom) and try to experience its taste.

    There . . . you got another rubber sheet eater 😀

  2. yes… jantung pisang rebus.. lama tak makan..
    I just boiled it with a pinch of salt.. makan dengan nasi..cicah sambal air asam…memang syiok..!!!

  3. Zie,
    maybe one day I would try that.. tapi I still have this feeling of eating something rubbery heh.. so another time would take a long while longer 🙂

  4. Salam Percicilan
    When you say “rubber sheets”, do you mean leathery like overcooked calamari?
    I’m not big on ulam. I only like pucuk ubi (with spicy sambal kacang) and pucuk gajus (ate it recently and liked it very much). As for pucuk paku, I like it masak lemak.

  5. Salaam Fauziah..
    ah ah, something like that..

    Jantung pisang is my first though I like the green ulams especially with sambal belacan. We grow ulam raja in our garden and the husband like to petik and eat it just like that..

    What’s pucuk gajus? I dun think I have seen it

  6. Hmm… sepertinya lezat juga nih.
    Sudah sering dengar tentang Jantung Pisang tapi belum pernah nyoba.
    Dimana ya depot yang jual makanan dengan jantung pisang??

  7. Rendam with asam keping to get rid of the getah, if there is any. Wisdom makcik2 melayu 🙂

  8. hi there, i need some help to do my research on Negeri Sembilan’s food called “Sambal Tempoyak Daun Kayu”. Some of the ingredient has weird names which always directs me to other site’s(XXX), can anyone here show me how does (Daun Tetek, Daun Sekentut, Sulur Keladi Birah, Pucuk Lidah Kerbau, Pucuk Pelanduk)…would appreciate it if you could add in pictures..thank you for advance(“,)

  9. Hi Alex..
    I’m afraid I can’t help you much with your research as I am myself not very well versed with the local plants and food here as I am not from Malaysia. Perhaps you google those names and see what comes out?

    Sorry again 🙂

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