Of reading out loud

Ink Heart was ok, for a fantasy movie. I like Brandon Fraser ( probably that’s why I think it is ok ) and well, no harm fantasizing for a while what if I am a Silvertongue, you know–like Brandon’s character in there, Mo. When he reads a book out loud, the characters come alive into this world.

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If I could do that, I would like to read Charlotte Bronte’s Jane Eyre out loud, so that Jane can come out and live in this era where she can finally be emancipated. And also, I would like to tell her that Mr Rochester, in my humble opinion does not really love her.  And as many men ( fictional or otherwise ), he was just playing with her feelings, pretending he was clueless about her feelings for him.

The other book which I would like to read out loud is The Crazy Dervish and The Pomegranate Tree. I can do with a crazy wise man around telling me about lessons in life in the most unorthodox way, although sometimes I feel that the husband is quite like him, although not crazy nor wise enough ( like the dervish ).

I had green tea ice-cream today. It was thick and delicious and the green tea taste was not too strong, neither was it too mild. I think it was just nice. Hence in the month of January, I basically ate 5 different ice-cream flavours and lost 3 kgs. Those two had no correlation/cause and effect whatsoever. I didn’t lose 3kg because I ate ice-cream every weekend and of different flavours too. I just eliminated the other junk food and ate healthy. It was quite easy actually.

Like the ending of Inkheart, I think I am able to write the ending of my story, at least of what is within my control. Like dieting… I would like to see it a happy ending and I give myself say, till June?


4 thoughts on “Of reading out loud

  1. Did you like the Inkheart book? I read it but somehow I could not finish it…I found the writing too….disconnected..I dont know how to explain it….

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