Not cookies, just crispy things

Tried baking oatmeal cookies with the homeschooling kids but I think we used the wrong sort of flour or too much butter and too long in the oven. It turned dark brown, flat and very crispy. However, looks could be deceiving because they were delicious. I used ‘were’ because none is left. They were indeed delicious and crispy, although they looked pretty ugly.

After dinner we went for a Friday night discourse on Rumi by an Iranian professor/scholar. I wanted to know more but 1.5 hours merely touched the introduction to his life. However,  since this is the first in the series of lectures going to happen, it is good enough for me. In fact, it was very informative. Not that I can convert it to wisdom yet. Because knowledge which does not lead to wisdom, are mere information. And so I learnt today.

So I think the almost burnt oatmeal cookies did elevate a little wisdom today. They were ugly but they tasted really good and none are left.


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