Doc kicked the bucket ( already )

And so it was decided that we go to see him today. After a series of over-eating (which is nothing new on my part) at Saujana Subang Resort where we spent our remaining CNY holidays, it was decided that I go to see him today.

The husband had gone to see him once, two months ago and had taken a liking to his wisdom. He came back with lots of stories to tell about this 80 something year old Indian doctor who then practiced homeopathy medicine. We were recommended to him by the Indian uncle who painted our house in Dec 2007. His clinic is in the Masjid India area.

Those who know me know that I cannot stand going to Masjid India area. Not only it is far from where I am staying, going there on a public holiday means I am part of the mad bargain hunting crowd, extreme heat and workers trying to lure me into buying more textile than I ever need.

But since the holiday at Saujana was very good and I was in a good mood and had really, really good food, I thought, no harm trying to see the doctor today.

We braved the heat and the people and the smell of the crowd. When we reached the lobby of the clinic, we told the person there that we wanted to see the old doctor upstairs. He looked puzzled. Which doctor, he asked? The husband told him ‘the very old doctor’.

To which the man told us that the very old doctor died three weeks ago, and if we want, we have to book an appointment with his son, Dr Ali who is taking over the clinic now.

I have postponed meeting this doctor for about a month plus because the thought of having to go all the way to Masjid India for homeopathy treatment kind of made me a bit ‘lemau’.

Today after finally braving it all, I learnt that the doctor had kicked the bucket. Innalillahi wa innalillahirojiun…


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