About being in denial

Through the years, my colleagues and I in the teaching industry –especially that of the younger kids ( pre to primary school ) have noticed that when we call parents to address discipline/behaviour issues of their children in school, the parents would either scold the child or worse, scold the teacher in defense of their children. Or even worse, think out loud in front of the teacher with an over the top distressed moan and desperate hands in the air,  ‘OHHH where did she/he get THAT from??!!’

Now parents, let me do you this little favour of nicely reminding you that your child is your little mirror image and would reproduce things seen at home displayed by yourselves. So please stop being in denial and defensive on where they got this/that behaviour from, or immediately play the blaming game pointing fingers onto your maids/nannies/parents who take care of them while you are at work. The last baton of discipline is in your hands now, permanently and forever until they leave the nest.

And for you, yes you. Don’t knock your head in despair and say loudly ‘astaghfirullahalazim…’ and start scolding her incessantly like you did right after I told you she hit that boy with a metal hole puncher. Do not wonder where she got this violent reflect action of retaliation (to his innocent teasings) from. Do not ask why she did that.  Because I would like to remind you that the other day, I saw with my own eyes you hit her with a dulang when she was still hooked onto the computer game after you called her for the 2nd time. And I also saw you hit her little brother with a tuala when he was being pesky. It may be a joke to you, but she sees and learns from it. Don’t you see it? Don’t you think for a moment that she is now ‘mini me’ for you?


2 thoughts on “About being in denial

  1. How would she like it if a dulang came flying into her general direction and actually HIT her?! sheessh…. Gi repot ini abuse. jangan diam2!!!!

  2. Trust me, through the years, there are many parents I would love to smack good with more than just a dulang! But of course, I can just fantasise…

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