Dark, please

One of the kids commented, as he opened our fridge that how come all our chocolates in there are ‘very black’ ? That’s very observant of him and true enough, we only stock up bitter/dark chocolates at home. We consume a daily dose of that so they deplete by the end of the week. The one I left untouched was the Lindt 90% cocoa block–sugarless, which the husband bought in Singapore, konon nak try but really, it tasted too blergh and none of us touched it since the first bite.

I have sweet tooth but since several years back, I have since acquired the taste for dark chocolates ( sexier chocolates some call it….but I digress ) and the bitter aftertaste with a mild tinge of sweetness often leaves me satiated. The nice thing about eating dark chocolates is that after a bit of it, I can stop eating it without the ‘ I want more..more!’  feeling. That it is good for health too is a bonus as it was reported in scientific journals that dark chocolates can lower the blood pressure, contain antioxidants and significantly help in prevention of heart disease.

And so, I chomp down a peak of dark toblerone a day. Or maybe two peaks. One in the morning. One in the evening. And I notice that I no longer crave for the normal chocolates during my pms nor do I have severe pms mood swings. 

Image taken from here

And why am I blogging about dark chocolates again? I was waiting for the inauguration online CNN.com and my pc took like forever to stream in the video. I missed the whole thing though and went to sleep. These last few lines were written the morning after. But despite it all, it does feel good to see Obama finally as President and for the first time,  an afro American first lady. I am not sure  of the choice of words to describe it but it feels like I’ve just eaten a nice piece of dark chocolate. Satiated and just nice.


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