Not exactly exciting, really

I thought wrong. The week that I thought was going to be exciting made a U turn. But I guess HE knows better. 

We worked together on some projects for reverts to Islam. For several years, we were in the same team. He even assisted the new comers along with me, talking, befriending, counselling. Burning our evenings and weekends and almost most of our free time. Today I got news that he has decided to denounce the faith for whatever reason he may have. I can’t say I don’t feel the pinch. I do. Especially looking back at all those sessions we had with the rest under Mudpie’s tutelage. 

But somehow, when I got news from F today about your decision, I was not too surprised. Somehow in some weird sense I could feel or see it coming.

So S, I wish you all the best in your new found life or faith. You know you are always welcomed back, especially by HIM.


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