Of blue news and funny bomohs

My guess is this week is going to be an exciting one, what with Barack Obama swearing in as the new USA President, the first week Kuala Terangganu back in PAS’s hands and the one week ceasefire in Gaza, which gives Israel a week to pull out of the territory.

The downside is, our tv has turned blue. It has turned blue off and on since a month ago but now it is permanently blue. The screen is blue when we turn it on now and so we have been watching blue news of late. The tv is a hand-me down and we only use it to watch the news and hardly anything else. My vice of watching Grey’s Anatomy and Gilmore Girls on dvds goes on via the computer so getting a new tv is almost pointless.

Unless, we take into consideration the Thursday night Puaka Nyiang Rapik series which we follow on TV3. We are hooked on it because we found the image of a bomoh they created for the characters Tok Dalik and his bomoh wife, Bok Miah hilarious and over the top ( OTT ). Like they appear more comical than scary. So drama!


3 thoughts on “Of blue news and funny bomohs

  1. Exciting week? Hmmm… quite an interesting choice of words there…

    Maybe that’s just coming from one who is jaded of the things happening around the world… History just repeats itself over and over again…

    Hope things get better this time round.

  2. Yes, exciting. I find it exciting to see finally and officially Bush is out of office, to see how PAS will do in KT–( with PAS in office now, will there be no more of ‘overflowing muffins’ in bikinis on the beach outside Primula hotel ?? heh ) and exciting to see if Israel will succumb to international pressure to stop the attack and get out of Gaza.

    Exciting seyyy! 😛

  3. CC,
    I like muffins 😉
    And it’s the same time with Israel every time. Go invade, kill a thousand people. Go back out again. Get away scot-free. That’s what’s made me jaded…

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