Triple Chocolate

I knew I have let him down when I saw his face fell and he was about to cry. But really,  some things went beyond my control and today was one of those days.

He had specifically asked me to bake him a cake for his birthday party which was just now. Oreos with cars he said. He turned 11 yesterday but mentally he is still 5. I had written about him here. He was the one who wanted to be a penggali kubur.Anyway, I baked oreo cheesecake, a medium sized one this morning, blurry-eyed and all at 6-ish in the morning. We even rushed to Party World to get him the two plastic car figurines as decorations on the cake.

The weather was scorching hot and the aircon in our car was not working. We had to pick  the 3 other kids up at Smaland who were going to the party with us. The traffic was choc-a-block and the husband did a tiny mistake of not taking the highway to Saujana Subang, instead went by the back way through the old airport road. The sun meanwhile grilled us in the car and of course, the cake semi-melted.

The cake was placed in the fridge the moment we arrived but alas, the damage was done. When it was time for cake cutting, his sister’s store bought butterfly marzipan cake basked in its glorious beauty. His younger sister’s birthday is this coming 28th January but the parents decided to have both on the same day. His face dropped when the cake was taken out of the box and he looked like he was going to cry. Being a special needs kids, he was unable to think in a two tier mode. An ugly cake means an ugly cake, for whatever the reason there was– in his mind, he was the boy who had a birthday party with an ugly cake. 

I felt shitty and it was not even my fault.. ( I think )

And yes, triple chocolate was the ice-cream flavour of this week. And I had it before the birthday party so no, it didn’t lift my spirits up.


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