The answer is blowing in the wind

On one of the episodes in Grey’s Anatomy we were watching together, an ambulance driver involved in a crash insisted that a male doctor attends to him. Miranda Bailey the chief resident was then in the pit attending to his case so Richard, the Afro American chief of Seattle Grace Hospital took over. But the ambulance driver insisted that he be given another doctor. Another kind of doctor to which, Richard immediately understood he wanted a ‘white doctor’. Miranda, unwilling to give in, instead called for Christina Yang, the intensely competitive Korean surgeon because she was not black but not white either.

It turned out that the ambulance driver had a big black swastika tattooed on his tummy and the choice of having Christina Yang backfired as she is Jewish, by the virture of her stepdad, whose parents were killed in Auschwich.

At that point, I asked the husband, because I really wanted to know, out of curiosity whether Opa ( his grandad who passed away a year ago ) had ever spoken about his time serving as a Nazi. I have met Opa but by then he was already in nursing home, semi-senile and language barrier prevented me from asking more than just polite tourist phrases memoriesed before hand.

The husband brushed it off, saying it was not a thing to talk about in his family because Opa became a Nazi not because he believed in the white supremacy or a white supremacist himself, but because he was forced to. They even didn’t have any family tree recorded, on purpose so that they won’t know who in their line is a pure bred Nazis. Ok fine. I left it at that.

Today I was reading some articles and supposedly Adolf Hitler wrote in his personal diary that ” I could have annihilated all the Jews in the world, but I left some of them so you will know why I was killing them.” I am not sure how authentic this quote is or whether Hitler really said that, but recently someone said to me, which pissed the husband to no ends that if his ( hubby’s) ancestors had kindly finished the job ( of killing the jews) it would not be what it is now ( Palestine ). 

That was a sick remark which I was surprised even from whom it came from. But the situation in Gaza is now not helping, especially when it was reported 

“However, Friday’s emergency Arab summit in Doha, the Qatari capital, has highlighted the divisions within the Arab world, with Egypt and Saudi Arabia declining to attend, preferring instead to attend a meeting of foreign ministers in Kuwait. Amr Moussa, secretary-general of the Arab League, admitted on Friday that the Arab nation’s reaction to the war on Gaza was “in a very big chaos”. – Al Jazeerah

How many more lives must go while waiting for ‘talks’ to produce any results? How many more anti Jewish campaigns must go on and on instigating more hatred within humankind before something could finally be done? I don’t agree to what Hitler did definitely but when will Israel finally stop? How does Tzipi Livni feel when she had a moment to herself and think while she is in US talking about the attacks, women like her and children who could have been hers are massacred by her own army. Can she later talk about it to her grandchildren, like Opa couldn’t do?

I guess I wouldn’t know because like Bob Dylan sang….

….the answer my friend, is blowing in the wind.. the answer is blowing in the wind.


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