Akar kita

I was sitting in between the two most important men in my life just now at Tupai-Tupai restaurant. Bapak and Mum came but they decided to stay at Impiana in KL itself so we went to meet them for dinner. My father being the politics junkie sat on my right and the husband, an academician in training sat on my left. Both had differing views on the issues in Gaza.

Bapak viewed it as Hamas’ and Fattah’s fault. Their ‘stupidity’ in fighting each other instead of uniting against Israel, in his opinion caused the current state. And that it is not a religious war per say but a political one– and the fault lies in the entire Arab world which has never been united in the first place. The husband on the other hand was vehement that Israel has crossed the line of any international laws for humanitarian concerns/resolutions. So Israel is at fault here.

Both had a point but I was reminded on last Friday’s prayer sermon the husband attended in his campus. I don’t go to Friday prayers but the Friday sermons at his campus are very interesting and not read from text kind of sermons so he often takes down notes and relayed them to me later. Last Friday was of course about Gaza and I was told that the imam spoke about how Allah has made it possible for the Israel soldiers to get this far with Palestine. What is the issue here? Is it about Muslims not able to  fight back? Or is it because the Muslims are too far away from Islam to really know what it is to be a Muslim. 

Of course, while Palestine is bleeding, the Muslims the world over have their own concerns. The Arab tai-tais are thinking of their next Armani, the Arab sheiks are waiting to sign the next ‘ali baba’ contracts, while the ones here are busy attending to their sex parties and to have or not to have hudud law and I, for one am too busy eye-ing for that LX3. I know.. pathetic.

I can’t say for others but for sure, I myself sometimes forget to go back to the core teachings of Islam. The essence… not just the ritual. Both go hand in hand but if we simply concentrate on one aspect and forget the other, it won’t do. Hence I am on the side of whatever was reminded to me via the Friday sermon. That we forget to go back to the root of faith. Of what the faith teaches and entails. Of what the faith requires us to do as an individual and as a community. We forget all that and now, Palestine especially, is paying the price of it. Because didn’t the Prophet peace be upon him once said that ‘ The ummah is like one  body. If one part of it is injured, the whole body feels the pain’. 

With the invasion that happened yesterday, I didn’t know what to feel. What am I supposed to feel, really? Yes, I see the gory front page pictures on the papers, I received forwarded petitions and smses and the calls to boycott all Israeli products. Am I entitled to feel anything? — when I know at the end of the day, after maybe making a prayer or two for them or not buying any products supposedly donating to Israeli’s course, I retire to my own comfortable bed after a nice hearty meal in the comforts of my cosy home, while the people in Gaza are dropping like flies.

Somehow after today, I realised that the best thing I can do for the Gazans now, is to look into myself, revisit the essence of the faith and see how I fair as a believer first. I have to become a better Muslim first to be part of a better ummah. It is cliche but change start from within and if more can channel the energy used to be angry at Israel into internalisation, one day, we could be united kot?

I have the tendency to be utopic and I just had my self reflective moment, hence this entry. And I am rambling too because my head is full of news junk about Gaza.


8 thoughts on “Akar kita

  1. Sis, we feel so much pain for Palestine, dont we? Isnt that what the Prophet (saw) meant when he said when one part of the body is hurt the whole feels the pain? I am optimistic about the spiritual state of our ummah – this shows that it IS healthy. Y’know, i used to buy this argument that all the bad stuff is happening over there because we Muslims are weak, or not praying enough, or (in one instance) not brushing our teeth with siwak. I dont buy these arguments anymore – they are just excuses – like its the Arab leaders’ fault, its America’s fault, its Zionism’s fault, the ummah’s fault etc. etc. Its always someone else’s fault. But it is what it is – a grace and blessing from God, no matter how difficult it is for us to see it in that way – we must believe that all of God’s will – the good and the bad of it – comes from God, and it is always in His divine wisdom, and for the love of the world. I think we should look beyond the “tragedy” and look for the blessing. I’m gonna get rammed for this, I’m sure.

  2. Mudpie,
    I won’t ram u cause I see ur point…:P
    Sometimes just can’t help the helplessness…hence this posting. It’s getting worse there and I kept asking myself, is there anything else we can do?

  3. I was just thinking the same thing today and you’ve gone and blogged about it. Anything else we can do? Pray, more if we can manage it. That’s a change we can start with. That’s my personal Jihad. Sigh…..

  4. 1. We can donate to Islamic Relief Malaysia for them to buy medical supplies for the Palestinians.

    2. We can stop buying Zionist goods.

    3. We can pray harder for our fellow muslims.

    4. We can improve ourselves as Muslims…

    But I can’t do it alone.
    Want to join me?

  5. now terpaksa lepak kat CB. giant dun like ah… expensive… now jusco is the place…. hehehe

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