Of strawberry cheesecake and other things

There are times when things just fall into place. Like when I was nuts enough to make totally achievable new year’s resolution of eating a different ice-cream flavour a week and eating 100 different kinds of pancakes from Paddingtons by the end of the year. So I like it that today things fall into place very nicely.

Randomly chosen, the flavour for this week was Strawberry Cheesecake . I had  to do grocery shopping. And we made a little bit of effort to avoid Tesco this time round and decided to do Cold Storage instead. Which fits in perfectly fine because there is Dairy Kings a level below Cold Storage and they have strawberry cheesecake flavour. I had mine with chocolate syrup and a wafer. Now who says resolutions are hard to achieve?

Once I was done, I got a text message from an unknown number just as we were driving out of the carpark. It turned out to be our Cowgirl Diz, back from NY to visit her newborn niece, and with whom I thought we had no chance of catching up with as our schedules didn’t match. Coincidently, we were in the same building at the same time. How divine was that? So we parked the car ( illegally ) outside the building as we didn’t want to pay for anymore parking space inside ( although it is just RM1 but such cheapskates are we ). And we went on to have a nice evening tea with Diz whom we have not seen since last April ( or is it March Diz? I remembered the last supper we had was at Cyberjaya ) in the extremely crowded IKEA cafe.

So today was just nice. I got to attend class in the morning. I had a good lunch in the afternoon with strawberry cheesecake ice-cream for desserts. I got my organic free range chicken which was expensive but I closed both eyes to the price. Cooking organic is another resolution this year. We got to meet Diz and we gossiped about oil, palm oil, oil rigs, Kelantan, politicians, live telecast of the parlimentary meetings, Obama, New York, Singapore and a bit of Gaza. Sounds geeky but really it is not.

When we got home, I continued with Grey’s Anatomy season 3 ( Penang-mari again, courtesy of a student’s dad ). And had juice and black Toblerones along with it. With my Mc Tummy, Mc Whiny and Mc Sleepy. That’s the husband, Tito and Milo respectively. But one won’t get the Mc thing unless one is into Grey’s Anatomy. Quite a waste of time actually–following the series, but we all need to have a vice as humans.

I think so.


5 thoughts on “Of strawberry cheesecake and other things

  1. “I got my organic free range chicken which was expensive but I closed both eyes to the price. ” –

    ~ya must really close both eyes, mahal gilerr! I sometimes wonder if its all worth it.You dont rear your own chickens? Why not? I may consider if I hv a backyard! 🙂

  2. I have Milo and Tito and a cemented backyard. With Milo and Tito around I don’t think the chickens will ever make it to our dinner plates 🙂

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