…and finally,

…it stayed long enough for the husband to grab his camera. Taken from the tinted glass window of the kitchen, for if we had gone out and take a direct shot at it, it would, as always flutter around in fear and apprehension and just fly away. We didn’t want that to happen, as the kids homeschooling at our place have a name for it already. They named him Peachy. For no particular reason because colourwise, it is definitely not peachy but yellowy. Today they officially christened it as the new house pet. Which means Milo and Tito has a … errr… a new sibling?


Peachy hard at work building its nest


Testing to see if it feels right


Ahhhh….. it feels good to be sitting down inΒ  new home!


3 thoughts on “…and finally,

  1. For the safety of this bird you better keep an eye on Milo and Tito. They may not appreciate its presence. Cake has a bird vs cat tale she could share with you:)

  2. Mie,
    Thanks for dropping by πŸ™‚

    Milo and Tito are only allowed in the backyard whenever I am there so Peachy and Plucky ( the wife’s name–there are two now..husband and wife ) should be safe… πŸ˜›

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