On hindsight, it was a good decision to let it build its nest in the backyard. It turned out to be a very pretty yellow hummingbird. It has bright yellow breast and black body with streaks of white on it. It makes a mess in the backyard daily with twigs and dried leaves and other construction materials but like I said, it’s pretty and it hums. It gives the backyard a ‘natural, foresty’ feel about it, althought I could do without the mess and its droppings daily. But good things always come with a catch and a little sacrifice. So I’m quite ok with this arrangement. And it gives Milo and Tito a kick to be in the backyard now, either terrorising it or befriending it. I can’t tell. They seem to have some sort of a relationship and a common understanding of sorts. The animal kingdom is mystifying at times. I think I can befriend it too. Althought it won’t let me get a shot of it, but it watches me do the laundry almost every morning without any attempt of me trying  to wreck its nest. That alone can be a testimonial that I come with peace offerings, no?sc07bird3

Well, this is not it, but close. It is prettier. This picture was taken from google image. I think I should give it a name. It makes my early morning laundry sessions a pleasant experience just watching it build its nest and listening to its hum. 


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