Killer Blueberry

” I should prefer to have brains”  the straw man said.. ” For a fool would not know what to do with a heart’

” Brains do not make a person happy, ” the Tin Man said. ‘… and happiness is the best thing in the world”

They both have a point there I reckon. Reading The Wizard of Oz again as an adult brings in new perspective, especially when reading it to a child. 

And as for the title, it’s just the ice-cream flavour I had just now. Plus wafer and chocolate syrup topping. After an afternoon with Tin Man, Dorothy and gang, I went to relax my brain by making myself happy. So Killer Blueberry it was. 

the-wizard-of-oz-1939Image taken from here.


2 thoughts on “Killer Blueberry

  1. I was really trying to put together the relevance of the title to the entry…until the last part…
    mmmmmmm…blueberry… (Spoken in Homer Simpson voice)

  2. Mr Lobo,

    Heh.. My resolution this year is to eat a different ice-cream flavour a week. Every Saturday.
    So this week, it’s blueberry… 😛

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