10 Wishes

I have 10 wishes for this 2009.

  1. Stop it. Fighting, bombing, quarrelling–anywhere and everywhere be it Gaza or Georgia or India or even right n our own homes and offices. 
  2. An effective Obama keeping up to his promises.
  3. Better political stability in Malaysia. As a non-Malaysian, I have grown to love this place hence I really like to see it being politically lovable.
  4. National Geographic in BM. I found National Geographic in BI ( Bahasa Indonesia ) and I found it cool that they managed to translate it into BI, complete with all the scientific terminologies which expanded the BI richly.
  5. That I do not get (anymore ) the answer to ‘Why do you study?’ as ‘ So I can get a good job and be rich’ / ‘ So I don’t end up as a road sweeper’. The era of shallowness has to end. Seriously.
  6. Dubai to stop wasting so much energy especially for their temperature controlled beaches and whatever extragavances they indulge in and please use the money to help Gaza. Even if that is beneath them, please do think of the amount of energy used that can melt all of us in this rapidly happening global warming.
  7. Price of organic food decreased so that we can afford to go 100% organic.
  8. I get to meet Shaykh Nuh Ha Mim Keller in person–again.
  9. Roads in Malaysia especially in the Klang Valley become safe and not scary. Right now it is too scary for me.
  10. This is stretching it to a bit far, but I hope to get my PR here err by this year? Please?

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