Putting the kettle on like Polly

Kalau kail panjang sejengkal, lautan dalam usah diduga.

Funny that of all things that crossed my mind, that peribahasa had to be the one. Just now we welcomed the new Hijrah year in the Islamic calendar and in a matter of a few days, the Gregorian calendar too will turn new. For the past few days I have been busy updating and changing calendars. In the midst of doing so, I sat down and reflected upon the past year which I had gone through. I looked back at the goals and targets I had set in December 2007 for 2008.

I was a little bit wiser at that time. Every year before then, I made unrealistic goals and targets thinking that I was that Wonder Woman ( minus the  ugly headband and knee-length boots) that I could achieve them all. The price of being loftly was of course, unattained goals/targets/resolutions and lots of frustrations. So the peribahasa was definitely right. If I have only a kail panjang sejengkal, janganlah nak eksyen terar pancing ikan kat tengah lautan. So at this time, last year I made a list of  more realistic targets and now, as I am typing this, I am quite glad that most, if not all of them were achieved.

So to prepare for this new Hijrah Year and also the coming 2009, I have taken some measures to make life in 2009 simpler and easier. Firstly, I decluttered my physical surroundings. It felt so good to get rid of all the extra clothing which I’ve kept in the wardrobe thinking that I would wear them one day but of course, that one day never came. I gave away at least 3 bagfuls of those to the cleaning ladies within a span of 3 weeks, much to their delight. All the extra handbags/bags/carriers were given to them too and I now only keep 2 handbags for myself. The wardrobe now looks bright and airy. I came across a saying ‘ It does not take much for a person to live’ on the new calendar I bought. How true! I don’t need an overflowing wardrobe full of clothes and I can still be a decently covered person. Then I attacked the kitchen, the study and whatever else there were to be attacked. All the things I reckoned I would not be using frequently I have given away. With the physical clutter out of my sight, I seriously feel the mental clutter gone too. Somehow my mind feels lighter.

Next, I made these notes. That in the new year, I will be selective. Selective of what I read especially. Reading the newspapers and online news back to back daily can be mood spoilers sometimes if not most of the time. There is a difference, I realised in being informed and being a news junkie. I still want to be informed of the current happenings of the world, but I will just be selective that the news I really read are those that do not bring too much negativity into my life. This year I learnt that I create my own happiness– not so much the environment. The world is becoming more bleak by the day but it does not mean that my life has to be doom and gloom too.

I also notice that I tend to fret when things go wrong or not according to plan. That needs to change. The English, from what I read in the English classics , when anything goes wrong would go ‘I’ll put the kettle on and make some tea..’ I need to be able to do that. Like ‘Polly puts the kettle on and we all have tea’ song. Fretting often made me more jumbled up than coming up with a good solution. Hence I agree with the English, putting the kettle on like Polly and have some tea first  may actually lead me to deal with troubled situations in a better manner than with a jumbled mind.

With that, I think I am pretty geared up for this next year of journey.

Maal Hijrah and A Happy New Year.

1429/2008 had been challenging and awesome. 1430 and 2009 will, I foresee to be a very, very colourful year. I am also wishing new President Obama to be rightfully guided and may he bring upon the change that he was voted for.


One thought on “Putting the kettle on like Polly

  1. hmmm..at least you are done with one of the things i set to do like…some weeks ago! declutter my space 😦

    i dont really know what to make what 2009 will bring, but shall try to be positive abt it.

    Maal Hijrah and Happy New Year to you too 🙂

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