And it is free

I love it here that we can take weekend trips to waterfalls within an hour’s drive from our place. Usually we would go to Camang in Pahang, around 1.15 hr drive from our place. Or trek up a bit in Ulu Langat and look for the Pangsun river. Yesterday we were brought to a new location, in Serendah. The drive itself took us about an hour sans jam, thankfully. Then we walked up the hill a bit for about 15 min and soon, we heard sloshing of the water…  

The sound of the water was music. I could not wait to jump in.

All I wanted was to sit underneath that fall

Which I managed to, but before that I could not resist taking this shot…

Taken upon arriving. 

We sat under the waterfall for a long, long while for free hydrotheraphy spa. Our good friends, their kids and us. The surroundings provided us with natural music mostly from the birds. Fresh air was in abundance too. I felt recharged, rejuvenate and re-‘zen’. We had nasi lemak bought from the pakcik in the alley near our house. They were wrapped in daun pisang. And we laughed and joked and had fun. It was a nice weekend. As I’ve said it before, I really love it  here, in Malaysia… 🙂


6 thoughts on “And it is free

  1. Heh
    Mr Lobo, takde floaters lah cause we went to the upper part of the river where no one else trekked up. Any floaters would have to be from the wild elephants which thankfully, there weren’t any…

  2. Oh yeah, would you also care to share some of the nice remote places that we can visit in malaysia, such as that waterfall there?! I am planning to go on a driving trip next year …but don’t want to end up going to the touristy places!

  3. Rozas
    This is in Serendah in Selangor…
    Not Pahang. The waterfall in Pahang is this one

  4. Another good waterfall is at Gunung Stong in Kelantan, or nearby to KL in Pangsun Ulu Langat is also be good…
    There are too many in fact. Depending on which state you are going to…

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