Of Happiness

We tried our best to make her happy as both of us are the only family she has here. Since she is not going to be back to her hometown this season, we tried to well, at least replicate it for her here.

The night before we took her to The Curve for dinner and she found it strange. This is Christmas? She asked at the sight of the young merry-makers walking around with Santa hats and some with the neon coloured ‘devil’s tanduk’ headgear for whatever reason there is. And the partying caught her off guard too. Too noisy for Christmas, she observed with a frown. Where she came from, Christmas has always been a very quiet family affair. She also pointed out that the only ones who wear Santa hats back in her hometown are Santas themselves… sigh..

Never mind, I tried to tell her. This is what these people have the been fed the idea of what Christmas is all about, so let them be. So we had dinner and watched Beverly Hills Chihuahua. As she likes animals, we reckoned that would be a good movie to take her to.

So yesterday on the day itself we took her to Gobo Chit Chat, the restaurant at Traders Hotel. I have to say the Christmas buffet spread was fantastic and the service was excellent. Husband and I have been there for lunch before this but not the buffet. Now we certainly know that Gobo has fantastic chefs and would recommend it to anyone. She enjoyed the buffet as she got her brussel sprouts and stollen and whatever else that is familiar to her. I guess we did the right thing because she was really happy and kept saying this dish and that dish reminds her of Christmas in Europe.

After lunch we went to KLPac to watch A Christmas Carol. Honestly, I thought the acting was bad except for the Scrooge character. I didn’t enjoy it as much as I thought I would. The husband looked sleepy and I knew he didn’t quite enjoy it too. But she was laughing and beaming and concentrating. She declared it ‘very good and enjoyable’ and ‘not bad for an Asian production to carry Dickens’. We just tried to brush it off that we were sleepy so were not really paying attention to it.

It rained too heavily when we came out of KLPac so she decided to take us for some tea. Her treat, she declared.. So off we went to Putri Pan Pacific for their English Tea special of Earl Grey and scones. We were full and I felt like a dugong upon reaching home. But we looked at her, so happily smiling and beaming, we knew we had done the right thing.

So that was our Christmas holiday–making the mother in law happy. Though honestly Christmas is just another public holiday for me, as it has been all my life. Yesterday I was reminded that it does mean alot of things to her and it also brings alot of memories for the husband too, so for that I was glad I made the extra efforts to have her around this season.


One thought on “Of Happiness

  1. That’s a very interesting and astute observation..all that flurry and bluster over here is indeed what has been fed to them over the media… I remember Christmas being a time where family got together, eating, celebrating, and generally having a good time at home with your loved ones…

    But then again, that’s not to say that there were no parties either. I think a good Christmas would have a mixture of both 🙂

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