Of perspective

Her husband was an ultimate jerk and she still waited on him from head to toe. She made sure he had breakfast, lunch and dinner and although on most nights he came home drunk as a skunk, she still waited patiently for him, without fail. Sometimes, she paid his debts too. Not for any mortgages or anything, but for things he fancied like a fancy walking stick and some colorful bird from the market. And that after giving her monthly allowance which was barely enough to keep their 3 children well-fed and clothed.

That’s Mrs Morel from D.H Lawrence’s Sons and Lovers. In the novel where all the females seemed to be some background wallpapers. I am not a feminist. But English classics showed too much of this and no, they were not oppressive. And no, they did not subdue the women folks. They didn’t make their women second class citizens. Oh no, no no. They didn’t.

Because simply…. in their perspective, only the Muslims are capable of doing those, right?


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