The snickers bar and the vampires

I had to watch Twilight because I told 2 of my students to write a review on it as part of the writing lesson I was conducting for them.

We had a pact that all 3 of us would write our own version of the movie review for Twilight and we shall compare. So I cajoled the husband to watch with me, although he was not that keen on it ( the movie, I mean ).

Bought him a kit kat and myself a snickers bar. Actually it was the other way round. But he said the snickers bar was too hard for him. He is having some root canal problem on one of his teeth which will require a minor surgery next week. So the snickers bar was for me and the kit kat for him. I accidentally dropped the snickers bar and it was too dark to retrieve it back. I didn’t know where it fell onto. So I watched Twilight without my snickers bar.

It was teenybopper-ish and I would say the high school musical version of a ‘horror’ movie which includes cute guys and prom night. Half the time I was thinking of the snickers bar I could not locate. And the husband didn’t eat his kit kat.

This weekend the Brazillian Film Festival kicks off and I want to watch some. This place rains films. I like it here.


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