Of films and anal language

We missed last week’s Kuala Lumpur International Film Festival because we were busy preparing the arrival of my royal matriarch from the island down south to our home. Which means keeping the house in order. It ( the house ) is usually not in any ( particular ) order. And I don’t think that goes well with that ‘Malay Martha Stewart’ whom I call mum. And I was down with flu and the husband, papers to write. So the casualty in this scenario had to be the good films we had to miss.

This week is the Latin American Film Festival and the German Film Festival. Last night we attended the opening of the German Film Festival at the Asian European Institute@UM. Not a full house crowd, considering the film they chose for the opening was One Night In Europe, which was played during the European Union Film Festival two weeks ago.

I tried to hide from a certain someone who was my form teacher in the last semester for this particular language, by hiding behind the tall husband. But that proved to be worse because the teacher of course knows the husband and in doing so, definitely could see me trying hard not to be seen by her.

I didn’t want her to see me because I didn’t do well at all in the last semester’s exams. I didn’t pull through the oral and the essay part and had insisted that it’s not me, it’s the language ( ho ho ho ). Of course, I was just trying my luck, trying to get away with the excuse that ‘artistic souls’ like me ( konon only ! ) cannot deal with the anal language such as theirs.

So, really. It’s not me. It’s their language. She saw me anyway. And I had to answer her questions anyway.

Tut mir leid. Ich bin Javanische. Ich bin nicht Deutsch. Deutsch ist sehr ‘anal’.

tsk tsk tsk

Sooner or later, I really do have to pass. Oh well…still, it’s not me. It’s the language. heh 😛


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