I think, it’s a wrap

Today is my last lesson for the little dwarf I have been homeschooling for the last six months. I have completed the syllabus and his mother thinks he will need a break for December before joining the main stream Sekolah Kebangsaan come January. Which came timely as I do need to give myself a break in December to stock take on things on the home and personal front.

It has been quite an amazing 6 months with him. When I first taught him, he was bed ridden from the spinal operation, in which the surgeon suspected that he would stay bedridden probably for life. Hence in my initial lessons with him, he was wearing braces and had to have the maid on standby to carry him around to the toilet or for his breaks. Sometimes I taught him with him lying down.

With his staple reading materials being the ‘Ujang‘ comics, he is forever ‘ loyar buruk’, usually coming out with snide remarks I didn’t think a bedridden 9 year old could come out with. He always gleefully said to me, ‘ I may be born a dwarf but I am handsome, you know? ‘ … ye lah tu.. I would say. And I remembered he wanted to walk again so much that one day while he was still bedridden, he told me ‘ Give me 6 months teacher and I will walk again. You just see ah!!’ Two months later, he was already waddling all around the house.

Lessons with him threw me into a cocktail of emotions. Sometimes laughing my head off with his silly antics, sometimes feeling I wanted to throw him up the roof with his lackadaisical attitude, sometimes feeling warm and fuzzy inside with his sweetness, sometimes giggling to myself listening him talk to himself while doing work, sometimes feeling.. why did I agree to teach him again?

But it has been good. He is good to go to Sekolah Kebangsaan next year. I will miss his antics, I will miss him trying to ‘kelentong’ me all the time, I will miss his questions, I will miss him showing me that one may be physically deformed, but life can go on and nicely too!


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