It was a jolly small fire

I was on auto mode. Got up with the mind programmed to make breakfast. It was meant to be egg+cheese+beef burger for the husband and muesli bars for dieting me. Placed the pan on the induction cooker, put some oil on it, turned the induction cooker on. Then it’s Tito’s time to poo and I didn’t want him to do it in the house–again, so I chased him out. By the time I walked back to the kitchen, I saw flame about 40 cm high from the pan.

I actually went.. Errr ( ? ). I actually heard myself said that. For a full 30 seconds or so, I just watched the fire. I think I froze. Then I felt my tongue able to move again. So I hesitantly screamed out. Fire! Fire!……………. God knows why I did that, when I could have quickly poured a basin of water on it or something.

The husband heard, came running to the kitchen. Turned off the cooker, yanked the pan straight into the sink and turned the tap on and off the flame went. I could have done that, right? But I didn’t. I froze instead.


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