Of hoarding and Lawrence

When things are tucked at some remote corners for a long, long time, the perspective that I carry of that thing, whatever it is, is that it is unused or not needed. Because if one needs it, one will use it . Because the fact that it is sitting remotely unseen, untouched, unused, unutilised means that the thing is not serving its purpose. That thing can be anything. An old envelope, an old tool, files, old garment. Like I said, anything. And anything or something which is not of use to us, may be of use to someone else or the win-win duo of us and the karang-guni man can both benefit from it. That is how I view it.

On the contrary, on the other side of the river, there is another tribe of people who view it differently. They are called hoarders. They want to keep everything for ‘later’ or it may be used ‘one day’ or ‘sayang nak buang’. And they keep everything they could and on their side of the river, there are many mountains. The mountains are called ‘Clutters of Junk’.

The husband and I are on different sides of the rivers. And that, sometimes warrants for the fiercest tribal wars. That, and DH Lawrence. On my camp, I think Lawrence is a cuckoo. Husband, on the other hand is fascinated by him. But the war on Lawrence is not as fierce as war on hoarding things. Because Lawrence, weird as he is to me, was quite a good read during my days as a psych student. And Lawrence, the jolly good fellow with sexuality issues, does not clutter our house with his ‘keep for later’ ‘treasures’.


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