… and still walking

Legs are meant for walking. And so we maximize them to the fullest. When we travel, we prefer to walk. And walk. And walk. And really walk. We see more that way. And capture/experience/assimilate/bask in more with the surroundings. In this trip, we just wanted to walk yet again. And we did….

If in Melaka I like to walk along the Jonker Street and the areas 1km around it, in Penang, I love to walk around the Penang Road/Chulia street area. They are like my time machines transporting me back into the yesteryears. Like I’ve mentioned before, I think I was born in the wrong era. I find antiques and all things retro very fascinating and on these streets, be it in Jonker in Melaka or Ipoh old town in Perak or right here in Penang, somehow they made me feel as though they were trapped in time. Just the way I like it.

One of the gems we looked for and found were antique books from old 2nd hand bookshops. The shops which have existed probably before my parents were even born. There were a few shops but what I found interesting about this particular one below is that it also sells old fiction books in all foreign languages, from Finnish to Japanese to Spanish to Dutch etc !… I chatted the old uncle up and he told us that he either exchanged books with any travellers who came to Penang or buy from them. Over the years, he had collected more than enough to sell it to scavengers like us.

In another such old bookstore tucked away in some remote corner, we found some rare gems in the form of old Malay story books with the old spelling… you know the one which was still in the era where they spelt like this ‘ Burong gagak itu terbang naek ke atas pokok untuk mencarik ayer’, some of these old buku-buku cerita Melayu were so old they dated back to 1920s or even earlier! The uncle sold them to us for about Rm 3 each and we ‘borong-ed’ the lot, except this particular one which came with a warning.. heh 😛

We wanted to find Jawi books too but to no avail. So we walked on to Masjid Kapitan Keling. The famous Nasi Kandaq Beratur had not started yet. But I managed to get a shot of the husband’s favourite mosque on the island, Masjid Kapitan Keling. The almost maghrib moment outside the newly renovated Masjid Kapitan Keling


3 thoughts on “… and still walking

  1. the last time when i was in penang with some friends, i woke up early..n decided to leave them behind in e room n went for a walk in town on my own!

  2. Ya I always do that too. In fact when we (the husband and I ) travel/backpack and each of us want to see different things we sometimes split during the day and go wandering our own ways and meet up again in the evening to swap stories and pics.. 🙂

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