A walk through…

After the nice morning bus ride from Bukit Mertajam to Butterworth, we arrived at the Ferry Terminal, joining throngs of other Penangite from mainland who travel to the island for work. Feeling like Penangites ourselves. After paying Rm 1.20 each for our ferry ticket, we joined the queue to board the ferry, along with the ‘kakak-kakak opis‘ in floral baju kurung pesak and tudung bawal and sling handbags, ready to begin their working day on the island. Them taking a ferry to work and a ferry back home every single day is quite a wonder to me, although it is just another day for them.

Once on the ferry, the husband busied himself reading Berita Harian…

While I busied myself with the view of the island from sea. I must have seen this view gazillion times in each Penang trip I made, but each time I would always try to take the same shot from the same angle. I am nostalgic like that.

Upon arrival on the island, we stopped by to get some kuih from a stall which every one of the ‘kakak-kakak opis’ seemed to go to.

I paid Rm 2.80 for this plate of 6 kuihs. Another alahai moment… And I now know why the ‘kakak-kakak opis’ bought their kuih from this stall. Delicious.. all of them, really delicious! We parked ourselves at this warung which has a reputation of selling really good teh tarik…

Where I had the 6 for Rm 2.80 kuihs and the husband had this delicious Rm 1 nasi lemak…

After we had our fill, we wanted to check into our hotel by the beach. We refused to take the cabs in Penang, after our last month’s experienced of being ‘ketuk’ with exorbitant prices by Penang cabbies. Our mode of transport on the island this time was mainly…

To which we paid a mere Rm 3 for both of us to get to Batu Feringghi from the bus terminal. These tickets reminded me of the S/BS buses in the 80s where as a child, I used to collect those colourful bus tickets…


4 thoughts on “A walk through…

  1. i have not been to penang for some time..but a friend who just went also complained pasal teksi yang ketuk!

    the nasi lemak looked delicious! we had 1RM nasi lemak in langkawi too…missing that after i see tis pic!

  2. Is and Kak Nora,
    The nasi lemak was really nice. But for Rm 1 dah kira mahal because some kampungs we ever went to, the same size is still 50 sen

  3. You mean you collected bus tickets too?!?! Heheh, I used to do that with the Penang Yellow bus, they had so many colourful tickets ranging from 10sen to RM1.20 I think. My bus fare was 55sen (in school uniform) and the bus conductor knew me and my friend enough to give us different sets of tickets (10sen and 45 sen one day, 20sen and 35 sen the other day) We used to see who’d collect the whole ‘set’ of tickets first hahahah..

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