Race, makcik.. race!

From the corner of this internet kiosk in Batu Feringghi, I caught sight of ‘her‘ again. ‘Her‘ is not a person, not even a ‘noun’ I think. An ‘adjective’ would be more like it. A species, sort of.

There is always a grim, determined look on her face. A semi-annoyed- semi-cynical expression on her face. Her age would be around 20s all the way to early 50s. Her head would be doubly wrapped in tudung bawal + helmets of different colours. Her baju would always be floral, baju kurung pesak. And her footwear would be open toe sandals or flats. And what makes her, ‘her’ is the signature motor kapchai.

And ohhh watch ‘her’ go !!! Peett !!! Peet !!! Her tootings loud and clear for anyone who gets in her way. And watch her go in and out of the traffic. And their race against whoever and whatever, with that expression on her face. She’s so scary. I mean..they are so scary !

I am talking about Penang Makciks on motorbikes. We call them the Makcik Rempits. And boy.. they are really scary I tell you !


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