In a not-so-deep concentration marking their work, I overheard two of the boys I am homeschooling discussing seriously with each other.

U : You see ! My pencil box broken. I tertinggalkan kat pool kat kondo tu. Pagi tadi ambik balik my pencil box dah broken like this.

A : Eh.. so broken !!! Awak tak tanya ke siapa pecahkan? If its my pencil box, I want to know who pecahkan. Later my mother boleh marah kan siapa-siapa yang pecahkan my pencil box.

U : Ah ah tu lah.. My jiran kan, budak sebelah rumah yang selalu main with me at the playground kata pi jumpa bomoh. Abang dia hilang duit, dorang pi jumpa bomoh terus dapat tau siapa yang ambik duit dia. He asked me to see bomoh lah… dia kata bomoh boleh tengok tau siapa buat-buat benda kita rosak ni semua !!!


5 thoughts on “Bomoh

  1. Hmmm…
    Interesting on different fronts:
    1) Wow, the amount of code-switching they do is phenomenal..
    2) Bomohs… It’s seems to be something that will be in existence as long as there are Malays on this Earth…

  2. Mr Lobo,
    Diaorang ni hasil pertukaran syllabus kejap bahasa omputeh kejap BM lahh.. hehe last last homeschooling jugak mak bapak diaorang pilih 😛

    And about bomoh,
    well, the Javanese have their dukuns, the Europeans ada gypsies, the red indians have their witch doctors. Melayu mana boleh kalah beb? 😛

  3. i am both fascinated and worried how young these bomoh-believers (and future practitioners..?) have become.

  4. these two kids yer yer orh jer lah.. they hear the adults or the other kids talk about it and they pick it up. the one whose pencil case is broken lagi lah clueless, whatever people tell him, he will believe, hence when his playground mate at the condo told him about the bomoh, he took it all in.

    but I did a debrief though, telling them that bomohs are bull**** and haram. Luckily they believe that too 😛

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