There are some things I need to do before the year ends and that is to reduce the number of books we have in our library upstairs. It has reached a sense of urgency as we realised the number of books we have are simply overflowing by the day and to quote a friend, ‘ … aren’t you both afraid of drowning in books one day? ‘ was her exasperated question after a lunch invitation at our place. We hear you F… and for that, we are selling off some of the books we have read and need not be in our collection anymore. Mostly fiction, as our non-fictions are for our references to anything and anything else, because we are a bit old fashion and although there is Shaykh Google, we sometimes prefer to refer to good old fashion books.

So for starters, we are selling these for RM 12 each. Can be sent via post to anywhere you are. Prices not inclusive of postage, which should be an additional of about Rm 4 ( not quite sure but we will check with POS Malaysia ) if you are in Peninsular Malaysia. Interested parties, kindly email me at

If you decide to purchase all 3 and you are in Malaysia, we will waive the postage cost and send it to you for free!

Wild Swans by Jung Chang. You can read the review of it here.

This one’s the movie is coming up. If you have not read it, in my opinion it kept me more in suspense than Da Vinci Code. You can read the review here.

Need we introduce this? But if you have not watched the movie or read the book, you can read the review here.

There are more definitely. And different genres too. So stay tuned. I am hoping to clear at least..err 100 books? So stay tuned!


4 thoughts on “Achtung!

  1. Yeayyy.. keep us posted here. I wanna buy books too so I’d like to take a peek at your collection 🙂

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