Unbonding with James

It was in the morning and I was annoyed by the charge I am homeschooling so much so that I made the quick decision to seek solace in Quantum.

Joseph and his Technicolour Dreamcoat ‘James and his techniracial bond girls’ didn’t quite impress me this time. It was a tad too overrated, a personal opinion not shared by the husband who thought the movie was ok. Not fantastic, but ok.

This Bond didn’t give as much witty ‘selambe‘ remarks in dangerous situation that characterized the earlier James. Not much of dialogue to carry the plot. Instead lots of crash boom bang, typical of movies these days. Above all, I still prefer the Connery and Brosnan Bonds rather than this Craig fellow, who uncannily reminds me of someone I used to read the comic and play with in my primary school era.

Quantum’s Bond taken from here.

Mad’s image from here.

On another note, the EU FILM Festival is happening next week here. Something I have been really looking forward to. It brought me the memories of last year’s European Film Festival where in the middle of the German film we were watching, in one scene involving a naked couple, the guy at the box up there quickly placed a piece of paper in front of the projector ! Talk about being primitive in censorship. The husband literally slapped his forehead and the whole theater had a good laugh about it.

I’ve also read about the film ‘Budak Kelantan‘. With my passion for Nasi Dage ikan tongkol and their songket, I should make time to watch it, no?


4 thoughts on “Unbonding with James

  1. Mr Lobo,
    Yes, really!
    And I was still quite a fresh resident in Malaysian then and I remembered asking what other comical things do they do here!! hehehe

  2. Now you’ve done it… until a new Bond appears the ‘me no worry’ image will be w/ me whenever I see the movie…. It’s improving though. Used to be a bony Prince … hehehe

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