Now that we know he has won, let’s just hope there won’t be any assassination of sorts.

Somehow I am a little wee bit skeptical. He is one man. How far can he change a system that is so deeply set?

But anyhow, since change is here, let’s embrace it.

I still think he looks like Sudin from Bujang Lapok though…

Image taken from here.


2 thoughts on “Aftermath

  1. because he is skinny and his hair is curly?
    i come to a believe some changes takes generations to achieve, but they all start somewhere. so this is a start. it starts here.

    i also think obama is a v smart guy.he has spoken that he will not be the perfect president. so tu macam a disclaimer like that for all the hope that has been built up. saying that, i think he is a fine person. intelligent, inspirational and suited to lead.

  2. Yeap. Agreed.
    And surprisingly, Mc Cain’s post ‘losing’ speech is quite good. A loser who doesn’t behave like one, you get what I mean? At least at the post election speech lah. During the campaigning different story.. heh

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