Those little things

Tito, who almost died some months ago is now a very, very active critter. He looks set to have the ‘milk belly’ not unlike his elder brother Milo.

I hope Obama wins because he is quite good looking. ( today I dyed my hair blond– NOT! btw, any blond jokes about Obama to share? ). And Obama kind of look like Sudin from the trio Ramlee, Sudin, Ajis of the Bujang Lapok fame. And I like Sudin. I hope he is not assassinated after winning or else all of us have to say it together, ‘ Cobaaaannnn’.

This week we are back to Aikido training after a hiatus of 2 months as our sensei had a slip disc.

Thanks to Nazrah, I baked carrot cake from the leftover carrot from last week’s dinner. It turned out quite good actually. Not to masuk bakul angkat sendiri or masuk lift tekan butang sendiri, feedback came from the husband and the kids who homeschool at our place.

Am reading Tony Parson’s My Favourite Wife and I seriously think this Englishman is a marriage cynic. And to think I have read all of his books and still got married and still stay married.

Cooked organic purple cauliflower for dinner and salmon bakar sambal tumis. It was a colourful dinner alrite. Like Joseph and the Technicolour Dreamcoat. Heh. 😛

Why is it that when the husband teach me mengaji, I get more nervous than mengaji in front of a tok guru with a long rotan and songkok tinggi back in the childhood days last time?

Milo has reached puberty and he went missing for 3 days last week with his gang of tom cats, on a ‘mencari-jodoh’ spree. I wonder which neighbourhood tabby won the heart of our Milo with big belly.

I am hooked to Ribena. God knows why I have been drinking Ribena every other day, every other hour that I am turning purple with Ribena. ( forgive the pun )

Random blabbering for a tired soul. I hope this will be a good week.


2 thoughts on “Those little things

  1. i read most of his books, lent a a few to some people and never got them back. *sigh* like you, i think he’s a marriage cynic and well, i got married anyway. 😛

  2. Hi Norza,
    Thanks for dropping by.
    Somehow I tend to read his books only on pms days… only then I can tahan his merengek cause I would be in my merengek mood too ! hehe

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