Charcoal Chicken

On the first day of Raya, of all times, I did a booboo. My trusty ( now known as my late oven ) bubbled me, of all times on the first day of Raya, on the day my mother-in-law came to visit and on the day I didn’t have the mood nor time to cook much.

To put it simply, it was my carelessness, which I have been rightfully scolded and have felt remorseful for. I had put the chicken to be roasted in the oven, set a timer to it and then went out for the Solat Eidul Fitri at the nearby masjid. My timer had never failed me before. Never. UNTIL that morning. We came home from the solat eidul fitri to a kitchen smelling of something burning. I yelped. My chicken!!! And when we reached the kitchen, two things were burning. My chicken and my oven. Luckily not the house.

I was scolded good by the husband, nagged even.. before the mother-in-law arrived. She arrived a bit later and looked at disbelief at my oven and my chicken. Luckily, we had some rendang ( bought ) lemang ( bought) , cake lapis Sarawak ( ordered ), fruit cake ( ordered ), kuih raya ( ordered ) and satay goreng ( I made .. aha.. that can be my culinary evidence ). So that was our first day of raya. The husband, his mutter, myself… and my burnt chicken of course.

I guess meine schwiegermutti must be wondering what I have been feeding her son these years.

Nak try tak ?

Charcoal Chicken, anyone?


14 thoughts on “Charcoal Chicken

  1. percicilan,
    I’m sure the burnt chicken was an interesting sight sitting beautifully on the dining table, eh? The effort that count, right? Selamat Hari Raya.

  2. Hehe…don’t take offence but its quite funny the chicken!
    Your MIL came down from germany just to celebrate raya with the 2 of you? If so, thats nice of her!

  3. Rozas,
    Yeah it’s funny when I look back. But not funny when I could have possibly burnt the house if we didnt’ come back on time.
    … and no she didn’t fly all the way from Germany just to celebrate raya with us.
    She’s working on a project in Malaysia at the moment..

  4. selamat hari raya my dear! my oven died on me eons ago so i gave up trying to do anything with it.

    no offence but itamnya ayam u! lol! ni kalau taruk kat dapur, tutup lampu, gelap terus jer! lol!

    but at least u got your satay kan kan kan!

  5. Saudari Lee,
    Yes.. itam manis agaknya sebab my seasoning I taruk honey mustard. Manis nya tak seberape, hitam nya terover.

    BUT, my MIL face when she saw the chicken and the oven was classic lah. Kalau sempat ambik gambar, mesti photo of the year. What must have been on her mind that day.. tsk tsk tsk..

    das ist nicht gut schwiegertochter!

    but I am self proclaimed menantu hantu so she should’nt be too surprised.. ;p
    I should have just told her charcoal chicken is a Javanese delicacy.. only served on the morning of Eid. You’d think she’d buy it?

  6. You have reminded me about how wise a man I was when I decided not to buy an built-in oven for my home when we moved in.

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