Tis Ramadan…

…we saw hurricane Ike

…the Malay leaders here who are Muslims showing the worst of themselves

…the Marriot bombing in Pakistan

…Malaysian politics going down hill…

and of course many, many more tribulations the world over. Could the future Ramadans be better? Are better things in store for us? Or is this the beginning of the end?


2 thoughts on “Tis Ramadan…

  1. Such a bleak outlook CC…

    Come now… let’s focus on the better parts of Ramadhan shall we… all the good and all the holy…
    Let us calm ourselves in the fact that no matter what, He will always be watching us, no matter what what happens to bombs or politics.
    He is the Just. He has promised that man will reap what he sows.
    Even if everyone else sows hate, let us sow peace…


  2. the problem is,
    i have not been really good and holy this ramadan.. blegh :S
    unachieved targets et al.
    and also, this ramadan, i began to see what the scholars are saying that 95% of ‘his’ prophecy of the end has already happened.. if u get my drift.

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