Last night the husband felt as though it was.

Somehow I looked up and hmmm… I thought it was too.

We were not alone. Today, I had several people wondering the same thing, asking the same question.

But if it had been last night, I would be kinda sad. Cause I did the barest minimal. Even missed my sahur, hence missed the chance to do that extra bit.

Oh well… I hope it was not. If it was not, then I have hopes in several more nights to come. Since the night which is more blessed than a thousand months comes only once a year in Ramadan, the urgency to get it is more propelling now. I mean, how sure can I be that I would see next year’s Ramadan? Some people I knew from last Ramadan didn’t get to see this Ramadan. They are gone, forever…

So I shall not, rather… must not take any chances.


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