Malam Tujuh Lekor

It was in the 80s, and it was going to be raya soon. I was watching the preview of the then bengkel kanak-kanak s/bc rancangan aidilfitri for kids. They used to show it every year and I must say, the quality of the kids program then by s/bc was far superior than what they have today. Maybe I am generation-bias. But somehow, being a kid or a teenager in the 80s was sure swell. Anyway, I heard the song Malam Tujuh Lekor sung for the first time. I thought it was really interesting. I knew that after Ramadan was raya where we kids had a blast going around for our ‘duit collection’, but Malam Tujuh Lekor was something I wanted to know more.

The song continued to be played on radio and on television. During the rancangan aidilfitri for kids itself, it showed that during the song, the kids and the adults in there were lighting up ‘lampu colok’ or kerosene lamps on bamboo sticks or in tin cans. I was definitely curious, so to the good old mother I went.

She explained that in the kampungs last time, Malam Tujuh Lekor is the final week of Ramadan, where people did the countdown to raya by lighting up ‘lampu colok’ around the house firstly, to create the excitement for everybody for the coming of the festive Syawal, secondly, to remind the kampung folks of the leaving of Ramadan so do whatever needs to be done pronto, spiritually. Achso…. Maybe there are other variations of this Malam Tujuh Lekor, but that was the version my mum knew, probably told to her by her mum. The song, which to this day remains as one of my favourites was sung by veteran singers M. Shariff and Mariam Maria Bachok.

I suspected that ‘lampu lap lip’ evolved from lampu colok, no?

For me, the idea of the lampu colok is so retro. For the zaman where people stayed in the kampungs and walked around using the ‘obor’. Zaman P. Ramlee in the film Semerah Padi. Of Andika and Taruna. Ahaks !

I have been wanting to have lampu colok for the longest time. But of course, where I came from, in high rise apartments, it was not quite possible. Last year we celebrated Ramadan here in Malaysia as well but in the old house, I thought I could finally have it, but it didn’t materialise. But this year, yes.. finally this year in the home run towards Syawal, in the Malam Tujuh Lekor week, the husband was kind enough to ‘layankan‘ his wife’s retro cravings and got for me my first lampu colok! Cheap thrill, I know but I slept with a grin. Tee hee.

First attempt, too much kerosene !

He bought one for me. And I want more ! more ! And so.. I got my second one..

Did I say I was gleeful ? 😛

And the song that started all of this many, many years ago..


8 thoughts on “Malam Tujuh Lekor

  1. Hehehehe…

    Looks like I’m gonna have to follow ur husband’s footsteps and indulge the wife too…She’s been hinting (more than hinting actually) that she wants to have them lit in front of the new house…

  2. haaha…… I remember lighting them up at my grandmother’s house. I miss them. I found my lampu lip lap recently, though I wish so much to light real lamps. But I don’t wish to have the Swedish fire brigade knocking at my door.

  3. you…my inlaws are all in KL..and believe it or not, they light lampu colok or lampu pelita as we called it all the way from the car entrance to the house approx 50 mtr far la. memang raya mood giler la!!!

  4. Mr Lobo,
    Go go go score Ramadan points layankan kerenah isteri. My husband said Ramadan and Eid with me is always a culture shock. Macam-macam kerena… semua retro pulak tu..! 😛

    hahha the thought of Swedish fire brigade come knocking is a funny thing because I saw IKEA selling these lampu colok here !!! errrm you can tell them you got from IKEA, no? tee hee

    Aisey.. tell Sham it is so meriah lah with these lampu colok . Reminds me of zaman dulu dulu tepi rumah pak kassim and Boyot and gang main bunga api and lampu minyak tanah.. wakakak those were the days. Our kampung days .. tsk tsk tsk

    Thanks for dropping by.. 🙂
    If I would have my way, I want lampu colok around my entire neighbourhood !!! hehe

    Yes, it’s nice and so retro, i like !

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