Of two extremes

Two days ago, I read on Jakarta Post that 21 poor people were killed in a stampede in Jawa Timur, when a philanthropist was giving alms this Ramadan.  The poor rushed for what is about  RM 15, which  there  I should think can feed their family for at least 3 days. Dying for a mere RM 15. There are very desperate people out there, really. Desperately poor.

Two days ago, I was told  that someone in my neighbourhood paid Rm 1.5 million for his Morrocan inspired door, for his new Tudor style house, which sticks out like a sore thumb in our neighbourhood. Quite ‘obit’ I would say. So rich with nothing better to do with the money. Splurged it on a… errm.. a door?

The RM 1.5 million door can feed at least 100,000 poor and starving Indonesians, you think?


9 thoughts on “Of two extremes

  1. is this that new huge house by the roadside going towards __? if that’s the one, yeah it is obit. they built it in such a way to maximise every damn centimeter of the compound till there’s no space around the perimeter. And the side window overlooking the neighbour’s rooftop. I think it’s a bit silly. Eerrrr… actually it’s ugly!

  2. wow……RM1.5 for a door, but we don’t know how many millions they have spent for the poor people. Hopefully more than they paid for the door.

  3. Heru,
    well one thing is to be upset, another thing is to do our part for them , no matter how small it is kan..
    I like your practice of giving sweets to the streets urchins 🙂

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