Of silly cat and bordering issues

Silly Milo. Almost a bimbo although he is a non blond. He got himself stuck on the roof for one whole day. Curiosity kills the cat, they say? Well I do believe so. Milo had been wanting to get out of the tiny window which leads to the roof of our house and of course the roofs of all our neighbours on the same row. Each time we close that window so that he cannot do just what he has been yearning to d0—a roof rendezvous. But this morning the husband accidentally left the window open and out he went.

Apparently, after exploring all that he wanted, he had forgotten how to reach that little window to go back into the house. So he went to the other side of the house instead. I guess he wanted to jump, only to realise it was too high for him. He sat there, fell asleep there for hours and in the evening he decided that he couldn’t stand going without food anymore, started meowing his hearts out. That was when I realised he was stuck on the roof, too afraid to jump, too hungry to stay. Although I was ever too relief to find him perched up there, I didn’t even attempt to help him. That would teach him a lesson. Fancy making me worry like that.. bahh…

On another note, today Selangor is on public holiday for Nuzul Al-Quran day. KL, the state under Wilayah Persekutuan or Federal Territory does not observe this as a holiday. And living right on the border between Selangor and WP state, my students were under a bit of confusion and dissatisfaction. They live across the big main road and their address is Selangor Darul Ehsan, which observes today as a public holiday. Schools and other public services on that side are on holiday. On my side of the road, life is as per normal as we are in Wilayah Persekutuan KL. So schools on my side function as per normal.

So my students reasoned out they should be given an off day today from homeschooling because they live in Selangor. But since my house is on the KL side, I reasoned out to them that I have to work as per normal and my work includes them. Hence they STILL have their homeschooling as usual. Not fair!! They cried. Fair. I said. Teacher rules. Period.

The husband also had his fair share. The main campus of his university is in Gombak which is in Selangor. But the campus he is at is at Bukit Duta, KL. He had his lessons as per normal in Bukit Duta in the morning but when he drove to Gombak to return the library books, the whole main campus was on holiday and nothing was operating. I wonder why don’t the different states synchronize their public holidays. Doesn’t it make it easier for everyone ?


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