Dear Milo,

Where the heck are you? You have never left the house this long. It has been more than 8 hours and no one can find you. I understand that you are reaching your puberty now and need to be in the company of the rest of the tom cats. But I thought your gang meetings are always at night? You always spend time at home during the day with your little brother or sleep and snore like Garfield.

We have been yelling out your name and looking for you around the neighbourhood but to no avail. This never happens. You know when to come home. You always wait for me at the gate whenever I go for my morning class. Today I came back to an empty house, except for Tito of course, who was also looking for you.

Please come back now ! We are all worried. Worried sick.

Love always,



4 thoughts on “Gelisah

  1. alamak!
    the last time my cat went missing, i went everywhere around the block n estate to look for it..
    but normally cats can find their way home eventually. maybe milo just went exploring? hope he returns soon.

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