Love is…

by Tito el Gatito

Being watched by my protective elder ( and fat ) brother, Milo while I sleep on his tummy.

Allowing him to smother me with yucky licks and kisses

Copying whatever he does…

Being by his side always… although like our distant relative, Garfield, he sleeps and snores all the time

Oh well.. if I cannot beat him ( or wake him up ) I might as well join him !


6 thoughts on “Love is…

  1. they are so cute!! i miss having cats. now i can only go and pat them, esp the fat one at my mum’s place. Milo is so fluffy. Geram i tengok dia. Yang si kecik tu pun sama. SO SO cute. Im going to come back and keep looking at your kucing photos. 🙂

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