Tis a season to remember

Ramadan, other than it being a month of solitary reflections on our relationship with HIM, is always my month of utter annoyance. It is always the month where memories of my growing up and spending Ramadan back at home in the cosy cove of family and friends come and pay me the annual visit. And with that, comfort food forms eerie mental avatars causing great longings, yearnings and utter cravings. Sometimes enough to make me sob into the pillows at night. Really ! I am THAT bad a foodie… ( tsk tsk tsk.. ingat mak bapak tak nangis. Ingat makanan nangis. Teruk betul lahhhh aku ni ).

This Ramadan, my mind had it set on Air Katirah. Back then, each Ramadan, I would go to Masjid Kassim to get my supply of Air Katirah. $1 per bottle. And I would usually buy 3 or 4 at one go. One for buka, 1 for anyone in the family, the other 1 or 2 for my post terawih indulgence. I like the Air Katirah there best because it, the way I remember it, was so lemak manis and the fillings inside were very generous. Chewy and gooey. Ohhh the feel of ice cool Air Katirah down the dry fasting throat during buka time was like a piece of heaven, especially if combined with mom’s sabsuka or kacang phool.

… I think, I am about the experience the Niagara Falls of emotions. Soon. So…. err help?


4 thoughts on “Tis a season to remember

  1. air katirah at the bazaars now cost $1.50 and they have blueberry katirah, chendol katirah, bandung etc.

  2. Mr Lobo,
    It’s not just Air Katirah lah.. Everyday got something I yearn for. As the saying goes, I am bad like that.

    So far I have not found any that can compare to that. I have not had it in years… šŸ˜¦

    Thanks for dropping by.
    Aiseyman, these multi flavoured ones not authentic ler. I want pure bred traditional Air Katirah. And what?! $1.50 already?!?! aiyayaya

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