First week 101

As of today, the first week of Ramadan is already gone. Today begins the new/2nd week of Ramadan with more lessons unfolding in my everyday life in my minuscule existence.

The past 7 days, I’ve learned that :

1. Hope is a powerful thing. We began Ramadan with a very ill kitten, Tito who was already half dead when he was warded and put on drips and placed in an incubator oxygen tank. But we hoped ( and prayed of course ) that he would come out of it or at least, go without suffering too much pain. He survived and at this moment is chomping his tuna+liver meal.

2. A tiny creature can have the spirit bigger than a mountain. We both saw Tito fighting for his life, for 4 straight days. He was sending us a very, very clear message that ‘ I may be tiny but I am a Master Kung Fu Panda Kitten !!! I will die fighting’. Fought he did, and he didn’t die. Still alive and kicking and although still in staggering condition after dosages of antibiotics, STILL took time to stroll stagger in the garden and backyard. Feisty little boy this Tito.

3. While we humans tend to break promises, HE doesn’t. When He promised, He keeps. When HE said He will take care of us when we take care of HIS creations, HE meant it. We took care of HIS sick creation, Tito, and HE rewarded us by leaps and bounds which simply amazed me at how swift the doors of rezeki are opening in our faces post nursing Tito.

4. We don’t really need much food in our body. ( oh duhh ! ) And hear ye, this is coming from an eating shrew who just loves food way to much. One day I overslept and we didn’t have sahur. Hence the last meal we had was whatever berbuka food we had the previous night. Though thirsty, I was able to do my daily work just as efficiently as I had with more than 3 meals a day. But then again, maybe because I have alot of spare parts to get my machines running. Does that count?

5. Bazaar Ramadan is out of our list, probably forever. It is really not worth it lah. For the same amount paid and the taste was lower than mediocre, I can cook a larger amount and give away to at least 4 families to break their fast. Why are they so expensive these days anyway? I remember Bazaar Ramadans long ago were haunts for cheap good food, no ?

6. Every action begins with an intention. When wanting to do good, just do. Don’t wait as we may not find another opportunity. I wanted to mend a broken relationship with a family member whom I have been out of touch in yonks. It just so happens that night I was reading something that somehow inspired me to do so pronto. I was initially skeptical. Then I told myself, heck it lah… at the very least, I know when I look back, I made the effort sincerely and I tried. Reciprocate or not, that is her prerogatives and HE will reward me for what HE thinks I deserve. Well suffice to say yesterday, a bridge was built. Both sides have yet to cross on it, but at least, there is a bridge now. Thank YOU.

7. I can make quite good bubur chacha, pengat pisang, bubur Menado, bubur kacang special ( with telur and pisang ) and bubur lambuk ayam. I learnt that this Ramadan I am very buburish. Thanks to the magazine I bought with all the bubur recipes.

8. I lost a grandaunt. She died peacefully back in my hometown. She’s my grandmother’s elder sister. May her soul rest in peace.

9. A super expensive scientific experiment ala Dan Brown’s Angels & Demon is happening this 10 September.

10. Hang Tuah might be wrong. Melayu akan hilang di dunia… by columnist Johan Jaafar’s view in yesterday’s Berita Harian. But in my own personal view, maybe not akan hilang. Tapi dah mula hilang. Maybe. Hey, I said maybe kan..!?!

I wonder what the 2nd week of Ramadan has in store for me.


2 thoughts on “First week 101

  1. I think you’re very lucky to have achieved that much insight in the first week of Ramadhan..
    For me, much of the first week of Ramadhan has been about “What is the topic I’m going to do for my paper presentation next week”, and “When am I going to replace the class that was taken away by the holidays”…stuff like that.
    I feel trapped..especially when I know this is the time I devote myself to Allah.

    But, that’s just what the rat-race is about, isn’t it?

  2. Slot slot timing lah teacher.. 🙂
    But yeah it has been a tiring and very fast first week. Some of what I aimed to achieve, tak kesampaian because of the other ’emergencies’ along the way. But I feel Ramadan, not alot but boleh lahhh during the first week.

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