Last ray

Just now when I woke up for sahur, I was alerted by a distressed Milo of some happenings in the kitchen. I hurried and Tito was lying there, eyes wide open and his body shook as if having a fit.

We had taken Tito to the vet yesterday after suspecting that something was not quite normal when we brought him home. He would eat, and then sit in one corner for the next 3 or 4 hours until the next feeding time. For a kitten, that is very strange as kittens are supposed to be very active and lively. Vet Yeoh told us that little Tito has alot of white blood cells in his blood, has worms in his tummy and has infected ears. He may be on his way to cat luekemia.

After the vet visit where he was given antibiotics, he moved and his appetite seemed fine. Ravenous in fact.

But as I am typing this down, little Tito seems to be fighting for his life. He has already been calling out in pain throughout the last hour, stressing us and Milo especially, who kept wanting to lick Tito. Perhaps trying to do whatever last bit he could to save his little brother.

Prayers and hanging on to the last ray of hope. But if he has to go, we pray that it would be painless for him.


5 thoughts on “Last ray

  1. oh nooo…i really hope he will be able to recover from it ..oxygen incubator tank sounds scary..hope he will be ok *sob*

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