Of green popiah and old friends

Trying quite hard to describe to me what he had at tea break after a discourse the other day, ‘ …so I had bee hoon and some green popiah

‘ Errr.. Green Popiah? ‘ I was curious. I mean innovation is the in thing in culinary industry now but green popiah sounds like a page in Dr Seuss books.

‘ Yes.. the green popiah. Soft skin and grated coconut inside.’

‘ Darling… actually, it’s called Kuih Dadar laaahhhh’ I guffawed.

Image taken from here.

I can never eat Kuih Dadar the same way again. Never.

Green Popiah, anyone ?


Off tangent a bit. After old friends J and M visited me on Tuesday, another old friend/ex-neighbour/mate/s-i-s , Maknenek and family bunked at our place. It was a nice reunion. Very nice in fact. Maknenek and I went back to the days of lepak at the gazebo below our apartments, of going to kedai runcit Alice/Econ minimart to buy ice-cream after a terawih session bawah block, of talking about our dreams and hopes for our future and of finding our paths. It has been a journey to remember, with her at least… and a ( very ) colourful one too! I was the first she called after she was proposed by her Egyptian husband outside the mosque one Thursday night and I screamed/laugh/cried at the same time utterly happy beyond words for her.

The last I met her was 2006 Christmas in Germany. She was staying there then. A complete family with two lovely kids. Now in Riyadh, I am happy she has found more of her bearings. After visiting her mum in Perak, she had graciously extended her stay in Malaysia for one more day and boy.. catch up we did! We talked late into the night and again, as though the years never passed.

And a pleasant surprised also came in the package when Maknenek, her two kids and I were walking at the hotel lobby across the road from my house, I met another old friend, N, who is here with her whole family including her lovely newborn. I’ve known N since we were 12 and though we still keep in contact online mostly, it was a nice surprise to see her on my territory now.

This week was lovely. Not many people can say they have long lasting endearing friendships. I am thankful that I may not be blessed with monetary riches, but with old time friends like them, life is rich indeed ! 🙂

8 thoughts on “Of green popiah and old friends

  1. Salam, we called ‘green popiah’ kuih dadar but my friends in malaysia call them kuih ketayap. Once, a penang born lawyer in my office laughed hysterically when I said this is kuih dadar!….adoi!..

    So Maknenek is there with you..please send my salam to her.

  2. Ailin,
    I only recently learnt it’s Kuih Ketayap in Malaysia. I grew up all along calling it kuih dadar..
    Interesting thing too, where I grew up, we call a kuih putri salat, but here, they call it seri muka.
    And I cannot find epok-epok in Malaysia. That same thing we call epok-epok is called karipap..

    ohhh a rose by any name is indeed a rose.. what more a kuih 🙂

  3. Heheh.. your ‘kuih dadar’ reminds me of something.

    When I was smaller, me and my brother would usually go to this small shop in the kampung nearby to buy some kuih for breakfast. This particular morning I had to go alone and someone in my family had told me to buy some kuih ketayap.

    When I arrived at the kedai, I couldn’t find the kuih ketayap so I turned to the shop owner, only to forget the name of the kuih. I only remembered that it was something you wore on your head (but I was sure it wasn’t ‘songkok’) so I asked him, “Pak Ngah, kuih kopiah dah habis ke?”

    Believe me, I didn’t go near that shop for weeks hahah..

  4. so, his ‘green popiah’ = ‘kuih dadar’.
    to me, ‘putri salat’ = ‘the green & white kuih’. trust me, only my mother knows what i’m talking about all these years. :p

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