And many years later

Today, 2 of my really old time friends, as in waay back then friends are in town. And caught up with them I did. j/e/ha/n/rg/s and ma/s/tu/r/ah/ce/d/ar. That rounded them off from my batch who have made the much apprieciated efforts to meet up with me here, starting from Cake, then F.T and then Nymph.

J is here on a work trip and M is here on a solo backpacking after Vietnam. It was a night, where as though the years never passed. Of course we are no longer girls school dorky 12/13 year olds but more or less, it is really same old, same old. I have not met them in yonks and through the wonders of facebook, today became possible.

We had Japanese at the Pavilion.

Plates after plates and catching up in between mouthfuls. J announced she is getting married this November to an Italiano, Sicily mari man, after 5 years of courtship. I am very happy for her. M is leading a roaring single life, backpacking whenever it is semester break for her students. And we got out of the restaurant just to go into the Japanese dessert shop a few shops down to stuff our faces with Japanese ice-cream.

Good old friends are like a pair of comfortable old shoes. The one you have for years and still feel very comfortable the moment you slip your feet into them. It felt like that just now. Just nice I would say.

On another note, we have a new addition to our family. Meet Tito, Milo’s younger brother from the same mum and dad as him.

Milo was a bit jealous of his little brother. And for the past two days since we brought Tito home, he was extra clingy and wanting to be carried and cuddled all the time.

But Tito’s angelic face also melted Milo’s heart and since yesterday, he has taken the big brotherly duties upon himself of licking Tito clean each time after a feed or a poo or a pee. Tito is 2 months old while Milo is 8 months old. Tito, not quite realising Milo is his elder brother and not a sister, Tito persistently reaches out for Milo’s tummy looking for tits to suckle on. Much to Milo’s disdain…


4 thoughts on “And many years later

  1. Old friends are indeed like a pair of old shoes…

    But some shoes my have holes in them that are too big to repair…

    But I’m glad that you have good friends like them 🙂

  2. yeah.. 🙂
    this was when he was starting to get ill but we didn’t know. I mean I was not quite sure of what cat luekemia symptoms are…

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