The Return of The Mami

Two of my students, whose mother is from Seberang Prai, Penang mainland where Anwar is contesting tomorrow excitedly announced to all of us they are going back to Penang tonight. Their mother, grandmother and aunties are going back to vote, they said.

Out of curiosity, I asked them. So who are they voting for ?

” Anwar !!! ” they answered without hesitation. So I said, ” Wow… your family Anwar’s supporters ? ”

” Noooo teacher. We are not!!! ”

” Then why you did you say they are voting for Anwar if your family doesn’t support him ? ”

Then the elder one, with all the knowing look of whatever Malaysian politics the shoulder of a ten year old boy can bear, said wisely. ‘ Because my family wants to make all the claims he promised us if he wins ! My mother and grandmother even keep all their receipts of petrol and all the other things he said he will make better if he wins. Kalau dia tak buat…. Jaga dia !!! ‘

I had to laugh. I guess Anwar is literally in hot seats now. I imagine, if he fails to deliver, the ‘makcik squads’ will be hot on his heels then, nohhh ?

I will then perhaps produce a movie. ‘ The Return of the MAMIs’


2 thoughts on “The Return of The Mami

  1. Did he really promise that? Of all things? I guess, this election really was run by petrol. Hope it was unleaded!

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